Field Care

Upon retrieval of the bird be sure to handle it carefully, holding it by the legs and not the neck. Place in a cool dry place laying it on its back (belly down will speed up spoilage rate). Once back to your residence, tuck the birds head under its wing and slide it breast first into a Ziploc Freezer bag. Remove as much air as possible.  If you have a vacuum sealer they work excellent as well. Double or even triple bagging your bird is highly recommended. If there is blood on any white plumage, use a wet paper towel to clean the majority of it. I have solutions that will remove the rest.

Preparations for mounting include a thorough rinse which will remove most blood and oil stains, however cleaning stains prior to freezing will ensure proper colors for your finished product. If you would like to thaw the bird before arrival at my shop I can inspect for anything that may cause an issue in the mounting process. Most broken bones can be repaired. I will assess any damages and give you an honest opinion.

Do not put the bird in panty hose or wrap in newspaper. This will cause the bird to become dry and freezer burn much quicker. The quicker you can get the bird to me the better. Arrangements can be made for drop off, mail delivery, and local pick up under special circumstances.