Prices include any pose on a simple driftwood or wooden plaque base. Request for additional services such as water/habitat scenes will be honored, however additional fees will apply.

There will be a $100 deposit required on all waterfowl and $250 deposit required on turkeys.

Puddle Ducks and Divers                      $250
Sea Ducks and Mergansers                  $300
Lesser’s, Snows, Ross geese               $350
Canada Goose                                      $475
Pheasant                                               $275
Turkey                                                   $750
Swan                                                     $800

I understand pricing out taxidermy work can seem overwhelming, but remember most of our cost associated with mounting birds is labor. I use only the best components and go through all the proper processes to make sure you bird looks great when it leaves the shop and looks the exact same years down the road. Not all bird taxidermist are equal so make sure to grade the quality of ones work before choosing your taxidermist. Not always,  but as with everthing else....typically get what you pay for!